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Quinta da Alorna

Quinta da Alorna was launched in 1723 when D. Pedro de Almeida, First Marquis of Alorna, named the estate after he conquered Alorna Fort in India. Near Tagus River, with ‘bela sombra’, a wonderful and rare tree in the entrance, Quinta da Alorna is known not only for wines of high quality but also for the splendor of the whole estate. With 2.800 hectares area, located in the center of Portugal, near Santarém, Quinta da Alorna has been diversifying its business ¬fields based on the principles of sustainability, social responsibility, and conservation of natural environment.

The Agricultural Society of Alorna, was established in 1915 after the death of the daughter of the Viscount of Junqueira, Countess of Junqueira, Emília Angélica Monteiro de Sampaio. The inability of the Countess to produce an heir resulted in the palace being inherited by six of the Viscount´s relatives. Three years later, in 1918 the property was acquired by new owners, among them, a doctor, dentist, and entrepreneur, Dr. Manuel Caroça, who became, in a short time, the sole owner of the palace and estate, buying shares from other shareholders. Fernanda Caroça, the daughter of Manuel Caroça, married Professor Doctor Fausto Lopo de Carvalho, a renowned pulmonologist and contemporary of Egas Moniz, who took charge of the management of the palace and estate at Quinta da Alorna, returning it to its previous grandeur. The couple had three children and, as grandchildren of Manuel Caroça, they became heirs to Quinta da Alorna.

In 1945, after the death of Dr. Manuel Caroça, the property was taken over entirely by the daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. After the revolution on 25 April 1974, Quinta da Alorna survived difficult periods and both the strength and determination of the workers, who had seen their homes and livelihoods threatened, were essential to guarantee that the estate was not going to be occupied by the revolutionaries. As a family business that was proud of the fact that they considered everyone as part of the same ´family´, they had a social policy that was very advanced for its time. They opened up the doors of the chapel to the public, gave new houses to the employees and hired a doctor to ensure the health of all who dedicated their lives to the property and to the family.

Currently, Quinta da Alorna comprises three companies run by the 4th and 5th generations of the family Lopo de Carvalho. The Agricultural Society of Alorna SA, that owns the other companies in the group was formed at the beginning of the twentieth century and is responsible for the agricultural and forestry activities of Quinta da Alorna. Quinta da Alorna Wines Ltd. is responsible for the main activity of the group, namely the production and marketing of wines. Alornatur Ltd. manages the two wine shops, one in Lisbon and the other in Almeirim, as well as the Quinta da Alorna palace, which is used for promotional purposes or private functions.

Owned for five generations by Lopo de Carvalho family, Quinta da Alorna is a company that proudly showcases its tradition, its history, and its products. It’s a story full of stories just as Marchioness of Alorna who was a wonderful storyteller.
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